Welcome to the Personal Website of Loku. I tried to make it look like a 90's website.
Welcome to the Personal Website of Loku. I tried to make it look like a 90's website.
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I can’t wait to meet you...

I was confused when a piece of paper slid out from under my door and glided over before gracefully landing at my feet. In confusion, I leaned down to pick it up and read the writing scrawled on the crumpled note “I hope this isn’t too forward but I can’t wait to meet you...” panic set in, I didn’t waste time grabbing my things before I ran out the door, I’m not sure who was in my closet but I wasn’t going to stay to find out. (Source)

They always say, "It all happened so fast."
I was just picking up some snacks at the corner store. It's starting to rain, so I pull my hood up as I walk out. Three men come out of nowhere.
One of them pulls a gun on me, the other kicks me to my knees. I drop my chips and starburst. I'm paralyzed with fear, my arms at my sides. Before I know it, they're pushing me to the ground face first, checking my pockets. Punch after punch lands on my back while they grab my arms and pull them behind me.
The other one still has his gun pointed at me. I'm so scared, I just don't want to die.
"Stop resisting!" I hear them shout as I feel the cuffs on my wrists, bruising my already dark brown skin. (Source)
Little Brian

Little Brian didn’t understand.
Why was there a furry snake around Daddy’s neck? Daddy was so strong, he could easily have scared it away.
Why had Daddy pooped himself? Whenever little Brian pooped his pants, Mommy would get mad at him.
Why were Daddy’s feet a few inches above the ground? Did Daddy learn how to fly?
But most of all, what did those symbols on the wall mean? The voices are NOT REAL. Little Brian knew they were letters, but he hadn’t learned how to read yet.
‘Daddy?’ Little Brian asked.
Daddy didn’t respond. (Source)

Fear is hot. That’s what I realise as I stand in my cupboard, quivering like a guinea pig. I’ve seen so many books describe icy fear trickling down the protagonist’s back, but I really don’t know what they’re on about.
Fear is hot. It makes you sweaty and speeds up your heart rate. It surges through you in waves, nearly suffocating you.
I feel like I’m near suffocation. I would sob if I didn’t have my hand clamped over my mouth like a scared child to its mother.
But as I hear him get closer and closer, the heat builds until the man with the knife flings the cupboard door open.
I scream. (Source)
Endless Rooms

I'm stupid, I really am, I shouldn't have gave in to pride and say I was gonna go in here. People have gone missing in this abandoned factory for as long as it has been decommissioned. $100 they said, for each hour I could last.
When I went through the first door I entered a room with three additional doors on my left, right, and in front of me. The room had yellow stained walls with one single light bulb providing light. I ventured a couple rooms straight and they were all the same, they were the same room. After about 6 rooms in I decided I was done.
I went back and it was just another room, I thought I miscounted but I did it again and again and again. I started going forward from the original room and no matter where I went I was trapped.
I thought I was done for, I thought I would just sit and starve to death, but I heard something enter the room next to me, and its approaching with heavy footsteps and metal scraping next to it.
I'd rather die quickly now that I'm trapped, but I must keep moving, whatever that thing is,
I don't want to find out. (Source)
My Friend Charlie

I'm not sure where he came from, just that he was always there.
When I moved into our new house I was 11 years old. I never really had any friends until one day when I was playing I met him...Charlie.
He told me that he could grant any wish that I wanted but, I would have to give him something in return. I thought of all the wonderful things I could ask for like maybe an xbox, new clothes, superpowers! Then it hit me, my stepmom. I had never liked her, she was the reason my parents divorced. My dad cheated on my mom with her. I hated her.
I told Charlie and he said he could arrange for her to leave if I brought him some food. That was easy, I had lots of food. I snuck him up some leftover pasta. He ate surprisingly fast and thanked me saying he would have her gone by tomorrow.
It felt like a Christmas morning as I gleefully ran down the stairs to see if Charlie had kept his promise. My smile faded as I saw her lay on the floor naked with a pool of blood surrounding her. I screamed, and ran back up to my room to confront Charlie. He wasn't there, I looked everywhere! My dad finally came home and I heard him yelling.
As I made my way downstairs, I saw Charlie standing behind him smiling in a sinister manner that made me feel nauseous. My dads gaze turned from her body to me. He was angry at me. "You did this!" I was completely shocked. "No!", I looked at Charlie who was now laughing at me. How did he not see him?
"It was Charlie", I yelled "Charlie did it!" I pointed to Charlie and my Dad pulled me by the arm. "Enough with the Charlie thing already!" I could see the pain in his eyes as he said,"Theres no one there!"
I stood in awe. He was real! Charlie was real and he did it! I turned my head to see that Charlie was gone now.
As I stared down at my lifeless stepmother I noticed that my hands were covered in blood. (Source)
She looks back at me

I look at her, and she looks back at me.
I wink at her, and she winks at me. I mouth, “Hello,” and she moves her lips to say the same thing.
At 3 AM, I wake up to go and meet her. I turn off the lights, close my eyes, and say my name three times.
At last, the dare was over.
I turn my back on her.
But, she is still looking back at me. (Source)

She is breathless as she pushes through the masses of marathoners.
Her mind forges her forward. She relishes the heartbeat in her neck.
The wind is heaven against her face, and she ignores the tired groans behind her.
Her goal is closer than ever before. She can almost taste the victory.
She takes stride after ragged stride, and forgets the first stage of infection is hallucination. (Source)

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